Youth Activities

The NSNH offers a wide variety of programs for Pre-Teens and Youth ages 10-24 years. The best way to find out what is being offered is to connect with any of the 5 Yuth Outreach Workers (see contacts page) or visit our Youth Centre Programs at JBCC, LYL, Harry Jerome, or Pre-Teen drop in a Lynn Valley RecCentre. The youth outreach workers also visit your schools.

Throughout the year seasonal out-trips will be offered….please contact us to find out what trips are happening.

NSNH Youth Services are involved in City Fest – if you are 10-24 years of age and want to get involved give us a call and we will help you know when the meetings occur.


Over the past year the NSNH Youth Services team has supported Youth Group for Queer and Transgendered Youth at our 225 east 2nd location. The group plans activities, outings and events throughout the year. To find out more information please contact Ely Wilson at 604-258-8539.