Childcare FAQs

Where am I on the waitlist?

  • There are many factors that determine who will be offered a space in our childcares. Therefore, we are unable to respond to requests regarding where your child is on the waitlist. However, we are able to confirm that your child is still on the waitlist

How long can I expect to wait for an offer of childcare space?

  • Generally, most spaces become available in August when some children leave our programs to attend Kindergarten. It is very difficult to predict when a space will become available.

  • NSNH cannot guarantee space at any of our childcares. We strongly recommend that you apply to other programs as well as ours.

  • North Shore Community Services (NSCR) can provide information about Childcare in the community.    604-985-7138

Can I tour a childcare centre before I accept a space?

Is there a waitlist application fee?

  • No

I no longer want to be on the waitlist. Can I give my spot to someone else?

  • No. Each child must have their own application. There are no substitutes for friends, relatives, or siblings

Can I apply for government subsidy?

What does the daily schedule look like:

NSNH Daycare Infant/Toddler Room Daily Schedule

NSNH Daycare – 3 to 5 room – Daily Schedule


School Age – Before & After School Care Program – Covid Friendly Kid’s Club Daily Flow of the day

Morning – Before School – 7:30 Open

Afternoon –  After School until Close at 6:00pmSchool Age – Before & After School care Program – Covid Friendly Kid’s Club Daily Flow of the day