Childcare FAQs

How long can I expect to wait for an offer of childcare space?

  • Generally, most spaces become available in August when some children leave our programs to attend Kindergarten. It is very difficult to predict when a space will become available.

  • NSNH cannot guarantee space at any of our childcares. We strongly recommend that you apply to other programs as well as ours.

  • North Shore Community Services (NSCR) can provide information about Childcare in the community.    604-985-7138

Can I tour a childcare centre before I accept a space?

Is there a waitlist application fee?

  • No

I no longer want to be on the waitlist. Can I give my spot to someone else?

  • No. Each child must have their own application. There are no substitutes for friends, relatives, or siblings

Can I apply for government subsidy?

What does the daily schedule look like:

NSNH Daycare Infant/Toddler Room Daily Schedule

NSNH Daycare – 3 to 5 room – Daily Schedule


School Age – Before & After School Care Program – Covid Friendly Kid’s Club Daily Flow of the day

Morning – Before School – 7:30 Open

Afternoon –  After School until Close at 6:00pmSchool Age – Before & After School care Program – Covid Friendly Kid’s Club Daily Flow of the day