Supported Child Development Program Eligibility

All Children who are residents of BC are eligible for SCDP. Children must meet the following three criteria:


  • Child can be aged Birth to their 19th birthday


  • Child must have a developmental delay or disability in physical, cognitive, communicative or social/emotional/behavioural areas:
    • Physical – Child, who is blind or visually impaired, has a neuro-motor or sensorimotor challenge or a special heath care need.
    • Cognitive – Child has an intellectual delay or disability.
    • Communicative – Child who is deaf or hard of hearing, or has significant language and speech challenges.
    • Social/Emotional/Behavioural –  Child who has severe social, emotional, or behavioural challenges. Severe behaviour is defined as: behaviour that is dangerous to self or others; extremely disruptive behaviour, which is consistent and persistent over time; behaviour that is serious enough to be known to other community agencies and to warrant intensive interventions by other community agencies.


  • There is a need for support in a childcare setting because of the child’s developmental delay or disability.